Our system

Advance Easy Moving is the first, complete and integrated range of products designed for the feeding of systems for the automatic loading of biomass boilers.
The strength of the system is in the simplicity of installation and flexibility in use.

Advance Easy Moving is the only complete system that allows biomass transport granular fuels in a completely automatic way and in addition it offers the convenient integrated cleaning system: some central vacuum units can also be used to take off the ashes from the boiler and to clean domestic dust.

System: some central vacuum units can also be used to suck the ashes of the boiler and household powders.


Easy to use

There’s no need to check the fuel tank feeding, because the system is completely automatic. It is sufficient to set manually the loadind time and check visually the quantity of fuel charged during every cycle through the dispenser.

Easy to install

Advance Easy Moving systems are very easy to plan and to assemble: with few elements, it’s possible to manage all installation cases and to add all the accessories listed in our catalogue, with customized solutions.


It can be used also as a domestic central vacuum system to clean the boiler, the boiler room, the nearby rooms, the car, etc…
In the industrial systems it can be used to take away the cold ashes, even in great quantity.


The system is designed to allow the regulation of the fuel flow according to the path, the type of fuel and the amount requested by the different heating systems. This is possible with a minimum maintenance.

Universal installation

Advance easy Moving system is suitable for any kind of boiler, stove or burner, whether if they are alredy installed or newly-installed. It allows the transport of the most common solid fuels, such as pellet, corn, hazelnut cases, etc…


First of all…
It’s possible to buy the fuel wholesale, getting the best price from your supplier.
You save time and hard work, because there’s no need to manually feed the boiler.

Synthetic characteristics

CIVIL System

Supply 220 V
Heat generators up to 100 kW
Maximum capacity 25 Kg/h
Piping ø50 mm
Maximum height difference than 7 m


Supply 380 V
Heat generators higher than 100 kW
Maximum capacity no limits
Piping ø50/60 mm
Continuous use

Example of installations

With Advance Easy Moving it takes very little to make sure that your boiler is automaticaly fed and the system is so versatile that it can be adapted to any type of system. In the images below, you can find several examples of installations:

Integrated system with fuel extraction from the below

1- NOVA 3 integrated unit
2- TRAP DUST filtering system
3- Single pipe extraction system VACU MATIC
4- Pellet stock tank
5- Air exhaust line
6- Pellet transport pipe
7- Boiler tank
8- Boiler

Integrated system with fuel extraction from the top

1- Boiler
2- Boiler tank
3- NOVA 3 integrated unit
4- Air exhaust line
5- TRAP DUST filtering system
6- Pellet transport pipe
7- Pellet stock tank
8- Vertical extractor SPIDER

Transport system with suction inlet and fuel extraction from the bottom

1- NOVA 1 suction inlet
3- Control panel DRIVE
4- Ball valve with microswitch
5- Suction line
6- Pellet transport pipe
7- Air exhaust line
8- Pellet stock tank

Combinated industrial system for the fuel feeding and ash extraction

1- PLC
2- Motor module 
3- Silencer
4- Air vent
5- Filter cleaning system 
6- Dust separator with filter self-cleaning
7- Fireproof tank for the ash
8- Ash tank
9- Boiler
10- Boiler tank
11- ON-OFF sleeve valve for the ash line
12- ON-OFF sleeve valve for the pellet line
13- LT40 dust separator 
14- Pellet stock tank
15- Motorized pellet extraction system
16- Ash suction line
17- Pellet transport pipe
18- Suction line
19- Compressor
20- Pressurized air line
21- MAXI Dispenser pellet